Mosquito Removal and Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitoes are part of the same family as houseflies and fruit flies. New Zealand hosts 15 mosquito species, most of which are native but some were also introduced from countries like Australia and Fiji.

Mosquito’s are notorious for insatiably itchy bites. They often feed around dusk and sometimes in groups or swarms and their activity can result in many itchy bites within just a few seconds.

Most mosquito’s love fresh water and after a blood feed; the female will lay her eggs in a pool of water, a puddle or any container collecting rain water. Mosquitoes are often a persistent issue where dwellings are located amongst lush foliage because the underside of leaves collect water and the greenery provides shade perfect for mosquito to make a home.

New Zealand is home to over a dozen Mosquito species, not all feed on humans favouring bird as the common host. The mosquito is best known for the high pitch humming noise around the BBQ table or the last thing heard as you switch of the lights, the vigilant responsible for this noise actually are not said to be hosted by humans. Actually Mosquitoes which feed on humans do so almost silently.

Controlling mosquitoes in the home and workplace

Mosquitoes can be an irritating pest and can cause more than just discomfort when they attack. Persistent bites when swarming can leave victims with swelling -they will mar even the most lovingly prepared meal or any outdoor activity. Mosquitoes often roam indoors in search of a feed- most species feed on sundown but this is not reserved to all species.

Treating mosquito in most environments around the home is not impossible with even the most persistent situations being resolved. Mosquitoes have more life stages than most insects and understanding the activity and habits of this insect will allow the pest management technician to carry out control treatments with excellent results. Many situations will be alleviated with a basic application of residual insecticide other situations with require a more thorough approach and may require a combinations of chemicals and methods.

Usually a treatment for Mosquitoes will be similar to a Fly control treatment however the Mosquito treatment must be much more comprehensive to controlling the pest’s dwelling and harbourage area.

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